Fusie ASL & JetNetherlands

Fusie ASL & JetNetherlands

Amsterdam, August 5, 2014

This date marked an important milestone in the development of ASL and JetNetherlands as well as in the European business aviation industry, as both companies inked an important agreement to merge into a new holding company (JetNet Alliance Group). By gathering their strengths and their assets, the new group formed will rapidly become a major actor in the European skies.

Both companies are working as aviation company in the field of business aviation and are specialized in managing and chartering of business aircraft from third parties for various purposes. The negotiations on the merger project lasted more than a year, which indicates that there is very thorough reflection on the joint strategy for the future.

ASL, founded in 1997, has built up a strong position on the Belgian market. Since 2012, the company is also active in the Netherlands with an office in Eindhoven. The company is led by founder and director Philippe Bodson (photo) and has more than 20 aircraft under management. 

JetNetherlands was founded in 2001 and is the market leader in the Netherlands. The company, despite the crisis, grew steadily to a fleet of 14 aircraft now. 
The main office is located at Amsterdam Schiphol Oost (West) in the new GA terminal and in addition, it has offices in Rotterdam and Eindhoven Airport. Its director is Mr. Marcel Groeskamp. 

With the merger, the new group will seek to expand opportunities, pursue the optimization of resources and know-how, and want to lay the foundations for further expansion in Europe. Moreover, it anticipates the complex European regulations and market trends in the coming years which will leave less room for smaller players. 

Bodson: "If you want to continue in this market, you have to constantly move along and anticipate future developments. By pooling knowledge and strengths we can do more for our customers and fully meet the (European) regulations which for a company takes more and more time and knowledge."
Groeskamp adds: "Both companies share each other's vision, customer philosophy, belief in quality and collaboration to successfully move forward together in the future."

ASL and JetNetherlands will still stay independent and will operate under two AOC's (a Belgian and a Dutch one) .They will work with each other's knowledge and skills to further professionalize the organizations. 

The services of both companies are very diverse and include business flights, medical and repatriation flights, organ transport, carriage of cargo and "dangerous goods", TV and radio relay for races (including for major sporting events) and Ski flights.

The new group will proudly operate a total fleet of more than 30 airplanes, including Beechcraft King Air 90/200/350, Piaggio Avanti, Cessna Citation Mustang, CJ1/2+/3, VI/VII, Excel/XLS(+), Sovereign+, Falcon 2000, Challenger 605 and Legacy 600, with a capacity ranging from 4 to 20 passengers. The airplanes are based on various airports across Belgium and the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Groningen, Antwerp, Kortrijk-Wevelgem and Brussels.
In total, more than 100 people will be working for the group, including 65 pilots.

More than ever before, ASL and JetNetherlands together will offer an unparalleled level of service to all its current and future customers, bringing business and private aviation to a higher level.

ASL and JetNetherlands want to thank all of their customers, staff members, crew members and partners for their confidence and their long-time valued loyalty. May the future be as bright as the history of both companies.

To know more about ASL: www.aslgroup.eu
To know more about JetNetherlands: www.jetnetherlands.nl