Quote your trip to Lapland

This online quotation programme allows you to quickly and easily put together your own trip to Lapland.

We primarily target individual travelers and small groups since flexibility is extremely important. All of the programmes include a private guide, which means you can decide on many aspects of the programme yourself once the activities begin.

Very important: You do not have to join international groups that start at set times and where you are not permitted to drive faster than the slowest scooter in the group. Our experience has shown that this can indeed be very slow and cause quite some annoyance! As opposed to other programmes, ours is somewhat more expensive, but for that added expense you get a unique experience, arranged completely according to your wishes.

One final and at least as important feature of our programme is the equipment provided. The snow scooters as well as the thermal clothing are new and the best the market has to offer. No old, speed-limited snow scooters but brand new and powerful machines that enable you to experience your ultimate ‘Lapland Experience’.